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A Dynamic New Era
In Progressive Public Safety

I want to be your Sheriff.
I pledge to transform the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office into a model Law Enforcement agency centered on responsive service to and cooperative partnerships with the people of our community.
Together we will make a difference.

United Flagstaff Firefighters Union, Local 1505 has officially endorsed Terry Lawson for Coconino County Sheriff

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A Strategy for Success

The key to our success is the implementation of my 5-point plan to make your Sheriff’s Office a model Law Enforcement agency, centered on cooperation with the people of our community.
  1. Community Partnerships

    • Create Citizens Advisory Teams
    • Facilitate Community meetings to improve communication with our citizens
    • Appoint Liaisons to the Mexican American, Native American and African American communities
    • Implement Crime Prevention Programs (Block Watch, DARE, Home & Business Security Surveys)
    • Implement Citizen Traffic Radar Details
    • Expanded Volunteer Programs & Services including Citizens Academy & CERT training
    • Improved Collaboration with other Public Safety Agencies such as Fire, Medical, Police, Public Health, Probation, Highway Department & Animal Management
    • Conduct community surveys to address quality of life issues within our neighborhoods
    • Establish an improved public information & education policy
  2. Enhanced Employee Morale & Retention

    • Lobby for competitive compensation, incentives and benefits
    • Implement an Employee Relations team
    • Involve employees in policy development, resource acquisition & allocation
    • Give employees a voice in shift staffing, problem solving, employee discipline & promotions
    • Provide our staff with improved training and technology
    • Eliminate wasteful bureaucracy and paperwork; streamline reports & protocols
    • Treat our employees with the respect and dignity they deserve
  3. Fiscal Responsibility

    • Develop a healthy, cooperative working relationship with the Board of Supervisors
    • Conduct a complete audit of all resources and budgets of the Sheriff’s Office and Jail division
    • Eliminate ineffective or wasteful programs & policies
    • Reallocate money, personnel & resources to better serve the community
    • Prepare and obtain grants to enhance community based policing programs & hire additional staff
    • Develop a long-term strategic plan for future management of your Sheriff’s Office & Jail
  4. Aggressive Crime Fighting and Enforcement

    • Develop a warrants task force to reduce the crushing backlog of warrants
    • Hold offenders accountable through effective Criminal Justice system sanctions
    • Re-establish the domestic violence investigative unit
    • Develop a comprehensive Traffic Management & Enforcement program
    • Enhance the operations of the Metro street crimes task force
    • Establish a Law Enforcement coordinating committee
    • Develop a repeat offender enforcement program
    • Coordinate efforts with the Probation Department for effective supervision of habitual offenders
  5. Improved Customer Service and Reduced Response Times

    • Establish a civilian call-processing program
    • Develop a crime analysis & demographics research capability
    • Deploy Deputies in high crime areas based on statistical analysis
    • Develop a paid, part-time Reserve Deputy force to supplement existing staffing
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Terry Lawson formally announces his candidacy for Sheriff of Coconino County.

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