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A Dynamic New Era
In Progressive Public Safety

I want to be your Sheriff.
I pledge to transform the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office into a model Law Enforcement agency centered on responsive service to and cooperative partnerships with the people of our community.
Together we will make a difference.

United Flagstaff Firefighters Union, Local 1505 has officially endorsed Terry Lawson for Coconino County Sheriff

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Terry Lawson formally announces his candidacy for Sheriff of Coconino County.

  • Public Safety Issues & Topics

  • Organizational Concerns & Management Priorities

  • Inter-Governmental Collaboration

  • Jail Growth and Management

  • Community Social Services & Programs

  • Community-Oriented Initiatives & Programs

  • We must genuinely adopt a community-oriented policing philosophy, encompassing all the components and responsibilities associated with these strategies. We must use effective problem identification and resolution models to address community quality of life issues. We are obligated to assess community concerns through citizen committees, meetings and feedback about the problems unique to their neighborhoods and the methods they believe will result in resolution. We must have greater collaboration and involvement with the citizens we serve and establish partnerships to solve problems and promote positive community relationships.

    Your Sheriff’s Office must implement the concepts of strategic-oriented policing to allocate our resources more effectively to prevent crime, solve community disorder issues and establish a pro-active presence in our neighborhoods. We must use neighborhood-oriented models to facilitate positive police/community interactions and cooperation.

    Your Sheriff’s Office must be committed to working cooperatively with other government entities including the County Board of Supervisors, Public Works, Health, Animal Management, Planning and Zoning and Parks and Recreation departments to enhance the quality of life in our community and promote progressive, solution-oriented responses to your issues.

    We must use inmate labor more effectively and appropriately to provide resources and services to the community and other governmental organizations. We have a wealth of untapped labor literally sitting idle in our County Jail and we must develop creative and responsible opportunities to utilize this work force. Under appropriate supervision, inmate labor could be used to support community-minded service and charitable organizations, clean up parks and neighborhoods, eradicate graffiti or complete any number of community projects that currently go unattended due to a lack of funding or resources. We should encourage offenders in our custody to give something back to our community by allowing them to make a difference in the overall quality of life we value in northern Arizona.

    Your Sheriff’s Office must develop and implement a more effective public information approach to provide our citizens with the most accurate and timely information relevant to their concerns. We have an obligation to keep the community informed about topics of importance, including crime trends, safety issues, or to solicit their help in resolving problems. We are woefully inadequate at the present time regarding this capability.

    Your Sheriff’s Office must perpetuate and expand the effective programs we currently have in place. These include our Citizen Volunteer Patrol program, Citizen Emergency Response Team training, Search and Rescue, Jail Volunteer program and the Citizens Police Academy conducted in a cooperative effort with the Flagstaff Police Department. These invaluable programs do much to support the operations of the Sheriff’s Office and promote positive community interaction with our agency.

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