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A Dynamic New Era
In Progressive Public Safety

I want to be your Sheriff.
I pledge to transform the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office into a model Law Enforcement agency centered on responsive service to and cooperative partnerships with the people of our community.
Together we will make a difference.

United Flagstaff Firefighters Union, Local 1505 has officially endorsed Terry Lawson for Coconino County Sheriff

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Terry Lawson formally announces his candidacy for Sheriff of Coconino County.

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  • I have great faith in the people who serve our community in the Public Safety arena and particularly, the men and women who represent the various law enforcement agencies throughout northern Arizona. These dedicated professionals are bright, motivated and talented people, who do more with less every day. They overcome the challenges presented in the course of their work and they consistently achieve great things through their perseverance, enthusiasm and professionalism. We need to take care of the people who are charged with taking care of this community and it’s public safety needs.

    The dedicated people of the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office deserve competitive benefits and wages, progressive management practices and state-of-the-art equipment and technology. They have a right to expect an administration that is receptive to their input and acts upon the issues that are important to them. They should be empowered to affect progressive policy implementation that makes them more efficient in the manner in which they conduct their business and they should be given the opportunity to utilize their talent and creativity to solve problems.

    The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office needs to make recruiting, hiring and retaining the best caliber employee we can find our most important initiative. You should expect your law enforcement professionals to be the best and brightest, however, if we do not resolve the issues of importance to these people, they will leave our agency. Caring for the needs of our employees has to be priority one. Your Sheriff’s Office has become a training ground for other agencies, which raid our ranks daily to acquire top-notch people to serve their communities. Our people are extremely marketable because of their record of quality performance, training and expertise. If we want to keep these highly skilled professionals, we must create an organizational environment built on progressive management principles, and a department that is competitive at all levels with other law enforcement agencies in the state and region.

    The consequences of failing to nurture and care for our organization has enormous detrimental effects that will ripple through our community. Some of the more prominent issues include diminished customer service, ineffective response to emergency calls, impaired case management and investigations, staffing shortages, degraded morale, safety compromises, increased liability and numerous other potential problems. We are at a pivotal juncture in our organizational history and the opportunity is before us to choose our path. We can move forward in a progressive, pro-active manner, seeking solutions to the issues facing our community and this agency, or select the alternative course, based upon a pursuit of the status quo, lacking positive direction or energy, resulting in a continued downward spiral and a degradation of the quality of your Sheriff’s Office.

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